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About Us

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Dedicated to Social Dance.

When we opened our ballroom doors back in 2012 as the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Westfield (later, The Westfield Ballroom), we wanted to create an atmosphere that encompassed warmth and creativity.  So often we worked in studios where students came and went without a smile, socials were cold & most kept to themselves; friendships were forced out    We wanted something more.  We wanted laughter, music and dance to be the hallmark of our studio; an inviting place where friendships were born.


Through the years our little social club has grown; welcoming both newcomers and seasoned dancers to our family.  Our talented students have helped us create and environment of learning and support.  We are so thankful for their loyaltyWe offer a wide variety of dance experiences from private lessons, classes, & socials to exciting excursions.  Whether through virtual learning or live in-person sessions, we encourage you to try da


What Sets Us Apart


Fun on a Budget

At The Westfield Ballroom we offer packages that combine our different elements of dance-ensuring you get the most bang for you buck.  You won't have to worry about shelling out money every time you walk through the door.  Since our packages are catered to your specific needs, you can also start whenever you want; which means no more waiting for an enrollment period.  When you're ready, we're ready!


We're Open When You're Ready to Dance

Our flexible schedule allows you to book a lesson on a day that works for you.  We are open Monday through Saturday with appointment times as late as 9PM!  Group classes, practice sessions, and socials are held throughout the week, so you can fit dance into any hectic schedule.

Couple Salsa Dancing


When You're Here, You're Family

Our studio is beautifully furnished with plenty of amenities to make your stay with us a truly comfortable experience; while our relaxed environment makes meeting new friends and trying new dance steps a fun adventure.  No pressure.  No competitions.  No attitudes.  Just regular people coming together with a common passion-dance.


No One Parties Better than Us

We like to party at The Westfield Ballroom and no one can party better than dancers!  Every month we host a different themed party, featuring fine catered foods from some of our local restaurants.  It's all part of what we do--no additional charges.

Dancing Legs

We bet you're pretty excited about joining our club, but maybe you have some additional questions.  Check out our FAQs page for some of the top questions we get asked.

Frequently Asked Questions
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