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Try our Free Wedding Consultation & Dance Lesson

You're Engaged! Now What's the Next Step?

How about a step onto the dance floor?

You may be worried that it'll look like it's the first time you two have ever danced together, but that's where we can help. Whether you want a few basic steps to match your song, a full choreographed dance to make your moment shine, or just a general knowledge of the most popular reception dances; our qualified team will make sure your day is exactly as you pictured it.

When should we start        taking dance lessons?

Far too often the first dance ends up on the bottom of the wedding checklist, and as a result, couples rush to learn how to dance. Those last days & weeks before the wedding are going to be the most stressful, trying to memorize a dance routine or even a few steps can take the joy out of a truly awesome experience. Instead, make dance your wedding stress-buster and pre-plan some time to spend together learning how to move comfortably on the dance floor. Couples should begin taking lessons as soon as possible, but we recommend 2 - 6 months prior to your wedding date. The sooner the better!

When should we start our wedding dance lessons?

Do we really need to take dance lessons? Can't we just wing it?

Remember, all eyes will be on you that day, including every single cell phone camera. You're bound to be plastered over Facebook feeds, Twitter accounts, and Instagram. Now imagine watching yourself and thinking, "We should have taken dance lessons."

So sure, you can wing it, but this special moment for the two of you should be perfect; and when your watching it years from now with your family, you'll want to look on it fondly, not fast forward through it.

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget?

We understand that weddings can be expensive, that's why our programs are fully customizable to fit everyone's imagination. Maybe you want to involve the Mother of the Groom, Father of the Bride, or even your entire wedding party; we'll find the program that's affordable for you. Schedule your Free Wedding Consultation & Dance Lesson now, so you can plan your budget wisely.

Wedding Checklist

Do you have a song picked out?

How big is your dance floor?


Will you be able to     step forward or backward in your wedding dress?


Can you bring your wedding shoes to dance practice?


Have you spoken to the Band or DJ about the first dance? 


Have you scheduled your 

Free Wedding Consultation & Dance Lesson with 

The Westfield Ballroom?

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