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We've been around the dance floor a time or two & even if you think you were born with two left feet, we've got some tried & true methods to help you find that elusive right foot!

Read on below to find out more about our unique approach to social dance!

The Power


1. Private Lessons

Private instruction with one or more teachers gives you the personalized attention necessary to look and feel great on the dance floor.  Your specific questions can be addressed by your teacher right away, allowing you to solidify strengths and overcome weaknesses.  With this one-on-one time, you'll be developing the technique and style to make every dance look beautifully distinctive.  You're sure to enjoy it!

2. Group Classes

Group classes compliment private lessons by building muscle-memory and re-enforcing dance patterns. Equally important, group classes allow you to practice your leading and following skills while providing you with the opportunity to meet other students at your level. View our calendar to see which classes are offered this month.

3. & 4. Practice Sessions & Dance Socials

Practice Sessions and Dance Socials give students the chance to practice their moves in a “real-world” setting. Knowing your steps is one thing, but making the material work on a crowded dance floor is quite another! We want you to be prepared and comfortable so you can handle the dance floor like a pro. Our relaxed environment makes practice fun and easy! We offer Practice Sessions every Monday evening and Dance Socials every Friday night.

What's the difference between the two?


Practice Sessions are held Monday evenings & are geared toward students who have been dancing less than a year. You'll focus on practicing your basic social dances with easy to follow music, plus, you'll be in the company of other Beginners.

Dance Socials are held Friday evenings & are open to all levels.  This means you'll see more advanced dances like Bolero, Argentine Tango, and West Coast Swing to name a few. These nights also tend to have a bigger attendance which means a more crowded dance floor. This will give you the opportunity to practice new navigating skills!

5. Dance Parties, Events & Outings

Often we hear, "Where can I go to dance?" Well, it's one stop shopping with us!  Whether it's a trip to New York for salsa dancing, a live band at the studio, or one of our fabulous parties, students can enjoy a variety of dance experiences with The Westfield Ballroom.


Dancing is always better with friends. Take a look at our News & Events page for upcoming dance opportunities.

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As a studio, we specialize in social dance instruction with an emphasis on fun! Each of the levels in our syllabus serve a purpose toward making you a better, more confident dancer.  Whether you are at a wedding, a nightclub, or on vacation; you'll find that you're prepared for anything.

Often times, social dance floors are crowded and inexperienced dancers can sometimes make it feel as though your driving bumper cars.  Our unique syllabus will give you the tools needed to navigate effectively, respond to the music with your own style, lead or follow any partner regardless of their level, all while having the time of your life.

We focus on five extremely important elements of dance instruction.  These are regularly scheduled private lessons, frequent group classes, weekly practice sessions & socials, and monthly events/outings!  Each of these elements will help you achieve success on the dance floor as quickly and as gracefully as possible.  Read on to find out why each of these elements are essential at The Westfield Ballroom. 

Socials Explanation

Do I really need all of this to learn how to dance?

Yes and no! It depends on how good you want to get and how fast you want to get there. We never force anyone to purchase a program they are not going to use, that's why we offer different packages; catering them to your specific needs.

We've been teaching dance for a long time now. As a result, we've adjusted our syllabus & technique to get our students learning faster & feeling more confident than ever before. We make this our full-time job & we're pretty good at it! We know that a variety of practice opportunities not only help build muscle memory, but they build confidence to step out on the dance floor in whatever situation you find yourself. We've perfected "the power of 5," so that our students are successful. Give us the chance to show you why we're a cut above the rest!

Why can't I just take a group class or two? Do I really need private lessons?

We see the best results when students take private lessons. Taking classes alone is like eating just chicken all your life. You miss out on other key ingredients needed to stay healthy & happy. (And yes, private lessons are like veggies!)

Classes teach steps, but any good dance teacher knows that there is much more to learning how to dance.

Quality over quantity.

Learning how to lead & follow requires more focused attention than a teacher can give during a class setting, especially one that has a lot of students at varying levels. We feel a healthy dose of private lessons, group classes practice sessions, socials, and parties ensure our students' success!

Are your socials open to non-members?

Unfortunately, no. Not at this time. We're not trying to be unfriendly, in fact, we'd love for you to become a part of our family. If you're interested in giving us a try, we welcome you to schedule a free lesson. No obligations. No strings attached.


Are you like a private club?


Yes! Our packages cover the costs of our members to enjoy all our amazing amenities. That means when you're a student at our studio, you don't have to shell out money every time you walk through the doors.  We won't nickle and dime you for water or a catered party. Just come out and dance!

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