COVID-19 Update:

Safe-Guarding Your Health & Our Studio

As a "non-essential" business under the mandate by Governor Murphy, we are currently closed to live sessions. 


This has been a very difficult time for all of us; days filled with uncertainty and fear, but they will pass.  With challenges & rain clouds come victory & silver linings.  As a studio, we are excited to bring to you our Virtual Ballroom.  A new platform that will allow us to continue dancing even through this chaos.

We encourage you to keep moving whether that means joining us for a dance class online or clearing a space on the living room floor to practice dancing on your own.  Dance keeps your mind and body active and can certainly help stave off those quarantine blues. 


Keep reading for ways you can help support our studio or click here to find out more about the different virtual programs we offer.


How We Can Support Each Other

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can help


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Dancing Creates Lasting Energy!

Dancing provides a rush of the hormone serotonin.  This increase floods your system with a constant level of energy, giving you what you need to get through the day.  Let's face it, dancing is better than your morning coffee!

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how you

can help


Try a Virtual Dance Lesson!

We know classes are a blast, but teaching dance lessons is the life-blood of our studio.  Consider trying out our virtual lessons during this "social distancing" time.

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