What's the Next Step?

We'll make it super easy. I promise. Read on below to find out a little more about getting started & what you can expect.

If you haven't signed up for your free lesson, let's do that now. We'll bring you back here when your done.

& FUN!
What to expect on the first lesson?

This first lesson gives you the opportunity to visit our studio and meet us. It will also allow us to determine your strengths & weaknesses so that we can help you improve as quickly as possible. Don't worry if you've never danced before, one of our highly qualified instructors will introduce you to a few basic steps through our beginner-friendly teaching method. Afterward, we’ll sit down and talk about how you can continue your dance experience with us. Based on your goals, we’ll develop a program that successfully meets your needs, making dance both affordable and fun!


Have you danced before?  Excellent!  Our free lesson will help determine which level you would feel most comfortable.  We would love the opportunity to work with you, so you have the confidence to reach all your dancing goals. Where ever you are along your dance journey, our personalized programs will ensure you get what you came for without forcing a "pre-determined" agenda.

What if I decide I want to continue after
my first program?

Like anything, learning a new skill takes time and patience, but we'll be with you every step of the way! One of our talented instructors will bring you through our Beginner Social Dance syllabus, taking note of your likes/dislikes, goals and learning style. From there, we will put together a personalized dance program and set you up with a permanent instructor who best matches you and your needs. Notice a trend here? Each step of the process is about YOU.


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