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Here's a Couple Extra Bonuses!

% = Reduced Risk of Dementia

0% in Bicycling, Swimming or Playing Golf


35% in Reading


47% in Doing Crossword Puzzles at least               Four Times a Week



"One of the surprises of the study was that almost none of the physical activities appeared to offer any protection against dementia.  There can be cardiovascular benefits of course, but the focus of this study was the mind. There was one important exception: the only physical activity to offer 

protection against dementia was frequent dancing."


Dancing is a great social activity. If you're looking to meet new friends with common interests, social dance is the perfect gateway to a whole new family.  Many of our students forge lasting relationships that extend beyond the ballroom; often times that means dinner out together before group class!


Dancing rekindles relationships.  Let dance add the spark back into your relationship!  Many of our students find themselves disconnected from loved ones because of hectic work schedules, the pressures of daily life or maybe, the kids have all moved away.  Whatever the reason, fan the flame with dance!  Partner dancing encourages physical contact and opens the lines of communication.  Relying on lead and follow, couples can reconnect in a fun and brand new way!


Feel and look confident! Dance is the second best all body workout.  That's right!  You're burning calories when you dance.  You'll notice improved posture and a stronger core without even stepping foot on a treadmill.  Dance frame and Latin Motion can go a long way to helping you get the body you've always wanted.  You'll experience a whole new you as you step out onto the dance floor.




There are many benefits to dancing at The Westfield Ballroom

The Facts About Dancing

A 21-year study of senior citizens, 75 and older, was led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, funded by the National Institute on Aging, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  

"Without a doubt, dancing can help you jump your brain to overdrive. Apart from its cognitive benefits, there are other advantages that come with persistent dance lessons:


• Depression and stress levels are reduced. Apart from boosting your mental capacities, dancing helps you have a better outlook in life, therefore decreasing your risks of suffering from crippling stress and depression.


Energy levels are increased because of the constant influx of the hormone serotonin. Dancing ushers a rush of the hormone serotonin, therefore giving you the energy you need to last the entire day. And this is not the crash and burn feeling you get with coffee – na-uh. The energy you get from dancing will surely last until sundown.


Strength, flexibility, endurance and balance are improved. Dancing is not only a workout for your brain, it is a great workout for your body as well. Whether you are young or old, you can enjoy improved strength, flexibility, endurance and balance after a few sessions of dancing.


Improves cardiovascular and bone health. Dancing is like most physical exercises – they can improve your heart and bone health. The thing that makes it better though is that it is social and enjoyable – you can have fun with friends while enhancing your over-all health."


Continue reading about the amazing benefits from dance here at


Partner dancing rekindles relationships at The Westfield Ballroom
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